Aberfeldy Information Centre

Downstairs at the Locus Centre, in the Square, Aberfeldy

E-mail: aberfeldyinformationcentre@gmail.com

AiC or The Aberfeldy Information Centre is housed within the Locus Centre in the Square in Aberfeldy, specifically within the space formerly occupied by the “Visit Scotland” Tourist Information Centre. It has been created to act as a single point source for all sorts of information regarding our town and its immediate region. It is mostly staffed by volunteers. Here you can obtain Tourist type information (where to eat, information about local walks, or places to visit), but it also provides information about other types of activity. For example Sports Clubs, Religious Organisations, Support Groups and more. If you want people to know about what you do and how to get involved, give us your information and we will be able to answer more enquiries!

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