Town Hall – Aberfeldy

Opened in 1898 although parts contain the original Aberfeldy School opened in 1843. Plans are currently in hand to update and improve the facilities for the current and future generation. Funding for the Locus Centre and the Town Hall has been provided by the National Lottery, the Griffin & Calliacher Community Fund, Perth & Kinross Council, Foundation Scotland, the Co-operative Community Fund, Historic Environment Scotland, J K Rowling and the Aberfeldy Hall Association.

Rooms available to book within the Town Hall are:
Main Hall, Lesser Hall, Green Room, School Room, Middle Room, Kitchen & Car Park
One large hall, and one small hall,  three meeting rooms of various sizes, full kitchen facilities and car parking.

If you would like to book the Town Hall, go to the How to Book Page and follow the information there.
For more information on the facilities and availability Telephone 01887 829187 or email