A Town and Country Circular Walk

What is it…?

A gentle walk mostly on the level that provides an introduction to the town of Aberfeldy and its riverside setting. As a circular walk, it commences at the town side of the General Wade Bridge over the River Tay a short distance from the Black Watch Monument. As an alternative, it may be done from the Aberfeldy Information Centre with a suggested route out to the circular walk and a different route back. The circular part of the route is approximately 3.2kms in length (2 miles). If done from AiC this adds just under 1 km (8 minutes) and the return route a further 0.75 kms (9 minutes). Thus, done there and back from AiC c 5 kms in total.


AiC to Start of Circular Walk

Commencing in the Aberfeldy Information Centre, within the Locus Centre, turn left on exiting the building, walk past the Habitat Café and turn left down Chapel Street.  On the opposite side of Chapel Street you will see the Birks Cinema (and community hub), the main bus stop/terminus and further North the former Wee-Free Chapel which is now the home of the Aberfeldy Drama Club and, under their auspices, the home of the Aberfeldy Thrift Shop.  Continue along Chapel Street, cross Market Street and continue North along Tayside Place.  At the far end of Tayside Place, go through the gate on to the path that skirts the edge of the Golf course.  Turn left and head over the footbridge over the Moness Burn.  There are steep ramps on either side of this bridge, so watch your footing!  Passing in front of the Golf course 5th tee, head towards the tennis club and through a gate that leads to a path beside the tennis and bowling clubs and through the adjacent car park.  Topwards the southern end of the car park turn right along a path that goes behind the Aberfeldy Bowling Club clubhouse and which leads into Victoria Park.  This is the home of the larger of the town’s two children’s playparks and an old traction engine.  In the summer it is also the home of the cricket club.  Passing through the playpark head up the path that leads up to Taybridge Terrace.  Walk along Taybridge Terrace, beside Victoria Park and past Aberfeldy Golf Club.  Turn right at the cross-roads adjacent to Wade Bridge.  Just before the point where the road slope up and over the bridge, turn into the Golf Club grounds, by the club house.  This is the start of the Circular Walk.

Circular Walk

Walk in front of the Aberfeldy Golf Club Clubhouse and then along the edge of the northern edge of the course and along beside the River Tay.  Passing under the “plastic” suspension bridge, continue to follow the path which will take you over a footbridge across the Moness Burn.  Turn left as you come off the bridge and continue to follow the Tay until you find a gate that leads into the end of the Caravan park.  Follow the road and turn second right to walk up the main road through the park to the entrance.  Look across the road from the entrance and you will see a small bridge.  This is one of the still extant traces of the Aberfeldy branch railway line that was “Beechinged” in the 1960’s.  Exiting the caravan park turn right along Breadalbane Terrace and Dunkeld Street and head into the commercial heart of Aberfeldy.  Pass through the Square with the Locus Centre on your right and continue to follow the main A827 road past the Breadalbane Arms Hotel and pass over the Moness Burn again.  Still following the A827, pass the Blackwatch Inn and cross over Taybridge Road at the traffic lights and continue West along historic Kenmore Street.  Continue onto Kenmore Road and cross over the end of Taybridge Drive by the mini roundabout.  Continue to walk along the footpath past Dunolly House until you reach a patch of open ground on your right, turn right at the end of the space and walk down to the riverbank.  Turn right again and follow the riverside path back to the flight of steps that leads up to Wade Bridge. 

Return to AiC

Walk South along Taybridge road and cross over to the SE corner of the cross roads just at the end of the bridge.  Turn left and walk along the southern side of Taybridge Terrace up to the “Triangle” where you will encounter a public toilet.  Follow the footpath right without crossing onto the Triangle and you will arrive on Mill Street, which here flanks the Moness Burn.  Follow up Mill Street and you will pass the Watermill on your left (c. 6 minutes from the bridge).  If in need of refreshment you could stop here in their café or just take a moment to look in on their gallery or browse in the bookshop.  Passing the Watermill brings you back to Bank Street.  Turn left past the Butcher’s shop, re-cross the Moness Burn and take the first left and first right to arrive back at AiC.